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New Items for Fall 2012
 Look like the real thing complete with sprinkles.
Yummy new flavors
Itty Bitty skulls the Glow in the Dark and smell like fresh cut grass.
Welcome to Koala's  Boutique !
Hello I am K. Bear and these are my creations. My family and I make everything you see here. Nothing is bought wholesale and then resold. My mother does a lot of sewing as do I. Making fleece blankets and baby bibs are her nighttime activity.  I make hand crafted soap and body products, which the kids enjoy testing out for me. The kids also enjoy helping in making the Christmas ornaments. My sisters also help in making other various crafts. My father also helps out at craft shows. So in a way this is a whole family affair.  What we all do, however, is try our best to bring you excellent quality items  that are truely unique at affordable prices.
New Fall Items!
Our newest items this Fall are:


  • Fall Soaps
  • Rose bud soaps




All new, HOT PADS !  Keep hot foods hot, cold foods cold
This summer my mother has been working hard on special insulated hot pads that reflex the foods tempurature back into the dish keeping hot foods hot and cold foods colder longer. They are made much larger then a typical pot holder to go under caserols better and come in several assorted colors. But once a color is gone it is gone.      ♦Find them here.
What we are working on next..........
♦  It is time to make some new varities of fingertip towels. We are nearly sold out of the ones we have, so look forward to seeing some new ones.
♦  I hope to find time to work on some new ornament designs.
♦  I am trying to get back into painting, So be on the lookout for some fairy or dragon paintings. :)